Student Opportunity and Teaching

As a researcher and teacher at UNBC, I am thrilled about providing students opportunities for their success in study and career. Currently I supervise graduate students in MSc B.A. (Finance) program. I also supervise students in MSc independent research, Bachelor of Commerce Honours program, undergraduate research experience (URE) program and undergraduate independent research. Through these programs, students could deepen their understanding of Finance knowledge and apply the analytical skills learnt. While working on their research, my students received UNBC URE Award and School of Business Research Assistantship. They have successfully presented their work at academic conferences such as Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference, UNBC Research Week Conference and School of Business MSc BA research day conference.


Students Supervised

[14] Mr. Kovid JainUndergraduate Research ExperienceSupervisor2023
[13] Mr. Mansoor PirabiMSc B.A.Supervisor2022-
[12] Mr. Mehdi Aghajohnpour PashaMSc Independent Research & MSc B.A.Co-Supervisor2022-
[11] Mr. Su YangMScCommittee Member2022-
[10] Mr. Ruliang MaMScCommittee Member2022-
[9] Miss Chengfang ZhuMScCommittee Member2022-
[8] Mr. Chongrui ZhouMSc B.A.Supervisor2021-
[7] Mr. Zhaowei LiangMScCommittee Member2021-2022
[6] Miss Sara Hanseung ChoiUndergraduate Independent ResearchSupervisor2021
[5] Mr. Colburn PearceUndergraduate Research ExperienceSupervisor2021
[4] Mr. Seyed Reza Tabatabaei PoudehMSc B.A.Supervisor2020-2021
[3] Miss Kaitlyn JoyceUndergraduate Research ExperienceSupervisor2020
[2] Mr. Shizhen WangUndergraduate Independent ResearchSupervisor2019-2020
[1] Mr. Joshua NycholatBComm. Honours & Undergraduate Research ExperienceSupervisor2018-2020

Courses Taught at University of Northern British Columbia

COMM760 (MSc) Seminar in Business Administration

COMM620 (MBA) Corporate Finance

COMM421 Portfolio Management

COMM321 Investments and Security Analysis

COMM320 Financial Management II

COMM220 Financial Management I